Tuscany Village | Pearland, TX

At Tuscany Village in Pearland, Texas, with over 50 years of experience, our philosophy revolves around creating a compassionate and caring environment for our residents, aligning with the Barcelo Care Key Service Standards. As a distinguished 5-star CMS facility, we are committed to restoring our patients to their previous level of enjoyment in life.

Our dedicated staff embodies the values of kindness, compassion, and care. We carefully select individuals for our team who share our commitment to excellence. Adhering to the Barcelo Key Standards of Service, we prioritize positive eye contact, enthusiastic greetings, and immediate action to meet the needs of our guests and address any concerns.

Cleanliness and professionalism are integral to our approach. We take pride in maintaining our facility and grounds to the highest standards, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere. At Tuscany Village, we believe in a supportive community, encouraging our team members to report and resolve any deficiencies promptly to maintain top-notch service.

Communication is key, and we understand the significance of non-verbal cues. Through eye contact, facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language, we aim to create an environment where wait times are minimized for both guests and staff.

Our commitment to protecting and caring for our residents is unwavering. Faced with challenges, we listen intently, offer sincere apologies if needed, and diligently work to find effective solutions. We view these challenges as opportunities for improvement and express gratitude to our guests for bringing them to our attention.

Respect and consideration guide our actions. We always knock and introduce ourselves before entering a guest’s room, ensuring their comfort and needs are addressed. Our team members are proactive and responsive, treating every resident’s call light with the utmost importance.

Valuing our team members as the backbone of our company, we never shy away from responsibilities. We respond promptly, address needs, and find suitable solutions, never hesitating to assist when asked.

In our commitment to a personalized experience, we address residents by their first or last name and use respectful language. These principles and values are embedded in the culture of Tuscany Village, ensuring that our patients and guests receive the highest quality of care and service.