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Reducing Re-hospitalizations

Recovering from a recent hospital stay following an injury or illness can present many challenges. Often times, a family member, based on their experiences caring for loved ones at home, believe that certain changes require hospitalization. However, while true for the elderly living at home, one of the advantages of having your loved one in our care is our ability to respond and manage virtually any need they have – now and in the future.

When hospitals discharge patients and recommend continuing the healing process at our facility, they do so with the trust that we can “take it from here”. Our goal is to build off the progress our patients have made at the hospital and to get them back to their everyday lives as soon as possible. Thus, we have taken measures to improve our clinical capabilities and keep a watchful eye on your loved ones to avoid any unnecessary hospitalizations.

Additionally, our staff is uniquely trained to identify any changes in condition and to communicate that to the appropriate team member, ensuring your loved one receives the best care possible.

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