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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if my loved one should go into a nursing home?
A: People who live in nursing homes may require help with daily living activities such as getting out of bed, eating, bathing, dressing, and using the bathroom. Your loved one’s doctor, as well as other members of the healthcare team, family members, and close friends can help you judge whether nursing home care is best for your loved one. If possible, you also should include your loved one in these discussions.

Q: How do I know if my loved one qualifies for skilled nursing care?
A: If an individual is hospitalized for a minimum of three nights and it becomes clear he or she will need inpatient skilled nursing care, the Federal Medicare Program and most commercial insurers provide initial coverage upon hospital discharge. Every insurer has different rules for coverage. Your physician will write an order for admission and a case manager at the hospital will discuss options for facilities within your area. Tuscany Village is always willing to send a liaison to the hospital to discuss options and provide answers for you and your loved one's questions.

Q: How can I choose a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility for my loved one?
A: To choose a good skilled nursing facility for your loved one, you need to focus on his or her needs and wants, take a good look at what facilities are available in your area, and let others with the right knowledge and experience help you get through the insurance questions and paperwork involved. Talk to your hospital’s case manager or your loved one’s health insurance representative to find out what skilled nursing facilities are available in your area. Read the facilities’ inspection report, including ratings of health, safety, and quality of life. Ideally, arrange for a tour of each facility prior to making a choice.

Q: Can I come for a tour of the Facility?
A: We always welcome families into our building and encourage you to call us to arrange a tour today. We can accommodate your schedule because we're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: Once we have made our choice of facilities, how is skilled nursing care covered?
A: Medicare does cover skilled care in this setting. Generally, Medicare will pay for care when someone is recuperating from a stroke, injury or has a need that requires further care for a condition they were being treated for in the hospital. Medicare's payment criteria is very stringent and once a resident no longer makes progress in their recuperation, payment becomes the responsibility of the individual should an extended stay be necessary. If you or your loved one has a Medicare replacement plan an authorization for skilled services will need to be obtained before admission. Our Admission Director, John Lozica can answer all of your questions regarding coverage and benefits.

Q: What happens on the day of admission?
A: If a patient is coming from the hospital the case manager will arrange for transportation to the skilled nursing facility. You or your loved one will be greeted and oriented to their room. The charge nurse will do a physical assessment and the patients medications will be ordered and will usually arrive within 4 to 6 hours. The family or patient will need to complete the admission packet upon arrival, if they have not been completed in advance.

Q: Is cable television available?
A: We offer cable television in each of our suites. There is no additional fee for skilled stay patients.

Q: Do you offer telephone services for residents?
A: Bedside telephones are available in each of rehabilitation rooms.

Q: How often can I visit my loved one in the nursing home?
A: Our facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you are always encouraged to visit. However, it's important to consider your loved one’s special needs -- for medications, rest, medical treatment, when planning your visits.

Q: What are the best times to visit?
A: There is no limit on visiting hours for family members and friends, but we have found the most convenient hours for residents are between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Q: Can my loved one leave the facility for an extended period of time?
A: Medicare guidelines require that a patient not be gone overnight during their skilled stay. A patient may leave for a brief scheduled period of time, if previously approved by our Director of Nursing.

Q: How often will a physician or health professional visit?
A: Physicians will meet with new residents shortly after admission and make weekly rounds of the building. Our nurses have 24-hour access to our physicians and nurse practitioners.

Q: Are pets allowed to visit?
A: Yes. We generally allow domestic cats and dogs to visit, provided they have up-to-date vaccinations and are leashed while in the building.

Q: Can I join my loved one for a meal?
A: Yes. Family and friends are welcome to come for breakfast, lunch, or dinner for a charge of $4 a meal. Breakfast is served at 7:30, lunch at 11:30 and dinner at 5:00 p.m.. A private dining room can also be reserved for more formal events such as birthdays, anniversaries, or reunions.

Q: Is smoking permitted?
A: No. We are a completely smoke-free campus. All residents, employees, and guests are asked to leave the campus to smoke

Q: What should my loved one bring from home?
A: Generally a patient should bring a seven day supply of clothing, undergarments, socks and pajamas. The clothing should be comfortable for therapy as, well as, appropriate shoes. If the family plans to do the laundry they will need to provide a fireproof, closed container for soiled laundry. Specific personal hygiene items can be brought from home. Please keep in mind, no aerosol cans or alcohol based products are allowed. Patient will need their eyeglasses, dentures and hearing aids, if applicable- be sure your nurse is aware the patient has these items. Personal items for the room such as pictures, blankets, radios, reading materials, decorative items are allowed and encouraged to help your loved one feel at home during their stay. Please label all items brought into the facility. Your loved one should also bring their, Medicare/ Medicaid card, Social Security Card, ID and any other medical insurance cards to complete admission paperwork.

Q: What should I leave at home?
A: Jewelry/valuables ,large amounts of money, purses/wallets, Electrical items, including extension cords, space heaters and electric blankets

Q: May I arrange for a private sitter for my loved one?
A: Yes. Tuscany Village provides 24 hour nursing care, but it is not one on one care. Much like the hospital we provide group care. If a patient requires one on one care, a private sitter may be hired at your own expense. All sitters must provide a background check to the facility at time of admission.

Q: Do you offer food preferences at meals?
A: Our daily meals are set, however, alternate choices are always available. Our goal is to provide meals that are both delicious and nutritious. We also provide three in between meal snacks a day. Our dietitian is available to discuss any dietary concerns.

Q: When will I know my loved one is ready for discharge?
A: Each week the staff meets to discuss the progress of Skilled Nursing Patients. The rehabilitation team will measure goals to determine the patients needed length of stay. The care team will include family members in these meeting, whenever possible and communicate outcomes. The family will be given written notice as the discharge day approaches and will be speaking with the discharge planner to determine the safest discharge plan for the patient. Home health, medications and medical equipment will be ordered for the patient prior to discharge. An appointment with the patient's primary care physician should be arranged prior to patient's discharge.

Q: Who should I contact with concerns during my loved one's stay?
A: Our staff is available 24 hours a day to answer your questions or concerns. Our Administrator, Cecil Barcelo, Jr. and our Director of Nursing, Jervaise Guzman, R.N. are present in the building throughout the week and are on call for emergencies on evening and weekends to answer questions regarding your loved ones stay or care. On weekends there is always a nursing supervisor available, as well.

Q: If my loved ones condition deteriorates, am I able to enroll them in hospice services?
A: Yes. Our team will coordinate with the hospice program so they can come and provide services as they would in your own home. Please talk to your social worker about making a referral and/or discussing other end of life options, such as comfort care and palliative care.

Q: What happens if my loved one needs to transfer into long term care?
A: While our goal is to have your loved one return home as quickly and safely as possible, there are times that a transition to long term care may be necessary. Our team of physicians and nursing staff, social worker, discharge planner and other care team plan members will be able to assist you in making the best decision for your loved at that time. If a long term care bed is not available at Tuscany Village our discharge planner will assist you in helping to find long term care placement for your loved one.

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